Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racks have a standard pallet racking configuration but can carry far heavier loads of up to 20 tonnes over an 8 metre span.

Heavy Duty Racking beams and frames are manufactured from heavy duty structural steel sections.

Each project is bespoke and based on individual structural calculations to ensure that the most cost-effective yet robust solution is provided to every customer.


  • Steel: plate and sheet
  • Press tooling
  • Heavy coils: aluminium, steel, etc.
  • Cable drums
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Boats


  • Beam levels designed to carry up to 20 tonnes per beam level
  • Clear entry spans of up to 12 metres
  • Frames of up to 12 metres high and 4 metres deep
  • A flexible system with vertically adjustable beams to suit different product sizes
  • Standard paint finish is Black, but other paint finishes are available on request. Racks can be Galvanised for external application.


All products comply with current British and CE Marking Standards:

  • Minimum Safety Factor of 2.0 based on ultimate tensile strength
  • Maximum allowable weld stress of 115N/mm2, with all welding coded to BS4872
  • Beam deflection limited to 1/360
various tools stored on heavy duty racking
forklift truck loading heavy duty racks with tools


Some of the most popular Heavy Duty Racking extras are highlighted below, but other bespoke solutions can also be supplied on request.


Coil Cradles are designed to allow storage of coils, drums or reels on beams whilst allowing loading and unloading with a fork lift truck.

There are various designs available depending upon the product type being stored.

coil cradles racking


Pallet Support Bars provide front to back support to allow storage of various sizes of pallets and/or products within a bay. They can also offer additional support underneath both timber and steel decking.

The number of Pallet Support Bars required will depend on the size and weight of the product being stored.

pallet support bar


Fork Entry Bars are similar to product support bars however they allow fork access when loading and unloading a rack. They are raised above the beam and can be either fixed or adjustable.

tools stored on fork entry bars of heavy duty racking
tools stored on fork entry bars of heavy duty racking


Heavy Duty Racking could be completed with Pallet Backstops and Anti-Collapse Mesh to prevent products being stored on the rack from falling through the back of the rack when loading or offloading. This Heavy Duty Racking accessory offers greater protection to both staff and building infrastructure on site.

Drawing of Racking with anti-collapse mesh


Heavy Duty Racking can be supplied with timber or steel mesh decking. Decks form a fully shelved unit, allowing storage of various size products on a rack. Timber decking is generally more cost-effective; however galvanised mesh decks are far more suited to external applications.

mesh deck on a heavy duty racking beams


Skid Channels create a rail support for stillage’s and other loads with support feet. The feet are contained within the channel section ensuring that the container cannot slip off the supports. Backstops can be incorporated into the skid channels to locate the stillage in position.

example of skid channels on heavy duty racks
skid channels on heavy duty racking


Racks can be fitted with roof canopies and rainwater goods to minimise product damage when exposed to the elements.


Alternatively, a fully enclosed racking system with a roof canopy, side cladding and optional doors or curtains can be supplied for complete protection from the elements and additional stock security.

enclosed heavy duty racking storage system with sheet steel leaf doors

If you have any questions about Heavy Duty Racking or would like more information about the product, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone on 01905 456780 or by email at sales@wickens.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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