Rack Clad Buildings Rack clad building - areal view

Wickens designs and manufactures complete Rack Clad Building Systems, where Cantilever Racking or Heavy Duty Racking forms the integral structure of the building. This type of building is very popular in warehousing and industrial storage applications due to its cost-effective nature.A forklift truck is loading a rack clad building

– Rack Clad Buildings can show a considerable saving          against a  traditionally constructed building with                racking purchased separately
– Protect stock from the environment
– Maximise use of available space
– Allow ease of access to selective stockA rack clad building view inside: heavy duty racking storage for tools
– Security for externally stored products
– Structural foundation is not required
– Shorter supply and installation lead time  in                          comparison to a building, constructed in a standard          way

– Fully modular system – could be extended with   Construction of a rack clad building               additional racking and roofing in future
– Options of fitted roller shutter doors, fire doors,                  pedestrian doors, etc.
– Optional rainwater goods can be fitted
– All products comply with current British and CE                  marking standards

We offer a full project management service, including installation.