Structural Pallet Racking

Structural pallet racking with timber deckingMade from hot-rolled structural steel sections, Structural Pallet Racking is a more robust alternative to conventional pallet racking. Structural Pallet Racks are more resistant to forklift truck damage and are generally more durable when used in an external application.

Depending on the product dimensions and weight, we will advise whether Structural Pallet Racking or Heavy Duty Racking is more suitable for your storage needs.Wickens Structural Pallet Racking

Manufactured in the UK and in compliance with current British and CE marking standards, our Structural Pallet Racks have a bespoke design and are manufactured to suit every customer’s particular requirements.


  • Various rack heights up to 5 metres Galvanised structural pallet racks
  • 15,000kgs maximum frame load
  • 3,000kgs UDL maximum load per beam level
  • Maximum clear entry (left to right) of 3.9 metres
  • Maximum rack depth of 1.1 metres
  • Vertically adjustable beams on a standard pitch of 100mm
  • Painted in any colour or galvanised for externalGalvanised pallet racking


  • Roof and cladding available for external storage
  • Steel or timber decks
  • Pallet support bars
  • Fitted or adjustable fork entry barsStructural pallet racking drawing
  • Chocks for storing drums or coils
  • Back stops
  • Guide Rail Systems available for additional protection from forklift damage


  • Warehouses Side view of structural pallet rack
  • Timber yards
  • Builder’s Merchants yards
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Industrial freezers and chillers


  • Boxed goods Structural pallet racking with pallets
  • Tooling
  • Palletised items
  • Lightweight timber

When warehouse space is limited, our Structural Pallet Racks could be galvanised, fitted with a roof and claddingStructural pallet racks and installed outdoors. This provides a very cost-effective solution to storing goods externally whilst protecting them from the elements. The addition of doors offers a more secure external storage facility, however a budget-friendlier option of PVC curtains is also available.

A variety of safety products, such as
steel safety barriers, column protectors and bollards, are available to protect your racking and stock from damage caused by materials handling machinery.

We offer a full Project Management Service, including installation.

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