Heavy Duty Racking

When conventional pallet racking or heavy duty racking at a warehouseStructural Pallet Racking cannot cope with heavy loads, Wickens Heavy Duty Racking is an ideal, cost effective and safe storage solution for various types of heavy products. It has a standard pallet racking configuration, yet is capable of carrying far heavier loads of up to 20 tonnes over an 8 meter span.

Manufactured in the UK, our Heavy Duty Racking uprights and beams are constructed from hot rolled structural steel sections, which make them very robust and able to withstand the rigors of the most arduous industrial environments.

FEATURES & OPTIONS:heavy duty racking for coil storage

  • Various rack heights available in excess of 10m
  • Beam length up to 8m to carry loads of up to 20 tonnes.
  • Vertically adjustable beams on a standard pitch of 150mm, or bespoke, if required
  • Frames up to 5m deep
  • Roofs for external storage
  • Rack Clad Buildings
  • Steel or timber decks
  • Pallet support bars
  • Fitted or adjustable fork entry barsWickens Heavy Duty Racking
  • Chocks for storing drums or coils
  • Back stops
  • Trimmed uprights on long runs to offer an uninterrupted top level
  • Available painted in any colour. A galvanised finish is recommended for external applications
  • Guide Rail Systems


  • All products comply with current British and CE marking standardsheavy duty racking with coils stored at three levels
  • Minimum safety factor of 2.0 based on ultimate tensile strength
  • Beam deflection limited to 1/360 maximum allowable weld stress of 115N/mm2 with all welding coded to BS4872


clad rack building with heavy duty rackingWithin the vast range of completed projects, we have provided solutions for the storage of:

  • Press Tooling
  • Heavy Coils: Aluminium, Steel, etc.
  • Cable Drums
  • Engines Heavy Duty Racking with timber decks
  • Transmissions
  • Boats
  • Steel: plate and sheet

We also manufacture Heavy Duty Racking complete with roofs and cladding, providing a very cost-effective way of storing goods whilst protecting them from the elements. The addition of doors offers a more secure external storage facility.

Alternatively, Wickens can design and construct a complete Rack Clad Building, a budget-friendly stand-alone storage solution, where heavy duty racking is utilised as the main structural frame of the building with added roof, walls and doors.

A variety of safety products, such as steel safety barriers, column protectors and bollards, are available to protect your racking and stock from damage caused by materials handling machinery.

heavy duty racking projects buttonWe offer a full project management service, including installation.