Guide Rail Systemscantilever racking with a guide rail system

Guide Rail Systems are used to control forklift truck movement in racking environments whilst maximising the travel speed. Guide Rail is a perfect solution for narrow aisles where space is at a premium and gangway widths need to be kept to a minimum.

Wickens design and produce Guide Rail Systems that work in perfect harmony with Cantilever Racking, Heavy Duty Racking or any standard pallet racking system.

guide rail system with racksFEATURES:

  • Standard section sizes designed to suit particular forklift trucks
  • Standard modular lengths to help build precise layout requirements
  • Pre-drilled holes, designed to suit a range of floor fixingsGuide rail fish plated joints
  • Fully finished steel for speedy installationa guide rail part
  • A full range of lead-in components
  • Fish plate joints for easy site assembly
  • Gauges to set aisle widthsGuide rail fish plated joints


  • Standard low profile rail from 50x50x8 RSA
  • Standard high profile rail from 100x75x10 RSA
  • Heavy duty high profile rail from 150x75x10 and 150x75x12 RSA also available
  • All products comply with current British standards

Guide rail design and features graph