Max Marine One – Wickens Dry-Stack

Products Used: Heavy Duty Racking.

Max Marine One have been established for a number of years on the South Coast of France. Based in St Tropez they required an Industrial Racking System which could hold a number of boats in their yard.

They were looking to store a large number of high value boats in a safe manner. These were currently being left on the floor, either on wooden blocks or on trailers. As such, these constantly needed moving around, which meant that there was the potential for damage each time they were moved. In addition, when customers visited the yard (Jenson Button being one of many), they felt that it sometimes looked un-professional with boats lying around rather than being stored in an orderly manner.

dry-stack-boat-racksWickens used their heavy duty dry-stack system to provide a bespoke designed boat rack. This was used as it allowed a large span across each bay capable of holding two boats. Modifications were made which allowed the height of each bay to be altered in order to accommodate different sized vessels. In addition, Wickens engineered a solution which allowed boats of different widths to be supported, giving maximumdray-stack-storage flexibility to the system overall. The racks were galvanised to cope with the saltwater environment and shipped out to France with all the necessary instructions to help the customer build them on site.

One other important factor to the customer was the fact that Wickens could supply all of the necessary paperwork for his insurance company. “These racks can hold upward of half a million pounds worth of customers boats” said Nigel, “so getting insurance cover is vital to our business.”

The major benefits to Max Marine were organised, safe boat storage, space saving and a professional impression to their customers. dry stack boat storage projects button

The customer also added, “We needed to get the right quality of product and felt that we could get this better from a specialistAll projects button UK manufacturer”

“The product and service we got from Wickens was excellent”