Rack Clad Building for Tool Storage – G-TEM

completed rack clad building project

Racking Type: Heavy Duty Racking.

Storage of: Press Tools.

Client: G-TEM, a world class manufacturer of high quality metal automotive pressings and sub-assemblies.


Facts & Figures:Tool racking inside rack clad building

  • Heavy Duty Racking System forms the structure of the fully cladded building.
  • Storage locations for 160 tools, 3 metre wide and weighing up to 5 tonnes each.
  • Adjustable storage levels fitted with fork entry bars to store un-palletised tools of various sizes
  • The complete Rack Clad Building is 32 metres long, 16 metres wide and nearlyrack clad structure installation
    6 metres high.
  • The building is fitted with rainwater goods and GRP roof lights.
  • Fitted with 3.5 metre wide and 4 metre high roller shutter doors, as well as fire exit doors.

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