Extrusion Storage

Cantilever racks with metal extrusion stored in cradlesRubber, PVCu and aluminium extrusion storage can cause issues due to product length and flexibility. Wickens Extrusion Storage Systems allow organised storage of long lengths of extrusion on Cantilever Racking, preventing product damage that may occur if stored on the floor.

Extrusion Storage Systems will benefit you by:

  • Increasing vertical storage capacity
  • Allowing access to selective stock
  • Speeding up handing of materials
  • Preventing damage to productsExtrusion storage on cantilever racking


  • Up to 10m high systems
  • Removable retaining pins or welded end stops to arms and bases to prevent products from rolling off, if stored loosely
  • Optional Stillages for safer storage of  loose, stacked warehouse with extrusion storage systems extrusion
  • Single or double sided options
  • Manufactured from heavy duty universal beam sections
  • Painted any colour

Alternatively, Vertical Racking could be used for vertical storage of rigid loose lengths of extrusion or small Aluminium extrusion in vertical rackbundles, allowing access and ability to hand-pick certain lengths while reducing footprint of the storage space.

Adding a Guide Rail System to a storage system will help protect your stock and racks from accidental damage caused by forklift trucks, and would improve the speed of operation.

A variety of safety products, such as steel safety barrierscolumn protectors and bollards, are available to protect your racking and stock from damage caused by material handling machinery.

Wickens also produce complete Rack Clad Buildings,
a cost-effective alternative to traditional storage building.Extrusion storage system close-up

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and comply with current British and CE marking standards.

We also offer a full project management service, including installation.

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