Metalfast Manchester – Cantilever Rack and Pigeon Hole Racks

As a result of continued expansion Metalfast moved their Manchester operations to a larger 12,000 sq ft warehouse. Wickens designed a Extrusion Storage System layout which could realise the potential of the space.


Wickens work closely with other suppliers and subcontractors providing a complete project solution. Metalfast’s Director of Operations Mark Woodward was impressed by the service saying, “Wickens know our business and we have always received excellent service. They worked with us and our subcontractors to design the best possible solution.”vertical-rackingcantilever-wickens

Versatile Racking

“We use every inch of space” continues Mark and so Wickens designed versatile cantilever racks which could adapt to changes in use. Wickens designed removable steel baskets to store variously sized off-cuts. wickens-cantileverWhen removed the rack is able to store lengths of aluminium extrusions. The inbuilt pigeon-hole racks also allow smaller items to be stored efficiently.

Integrated guide rail

It was vital that our guide rail system was compatible with Metalfast’s new forklift truck which works in very narrow Extrusion storage projects buttonaisles. “Wickens worked closely with Hubtex to ensure they were compatible” comments Mark Woodward, “they took away the pain of sorting it out”All projects button