Benefits of Dry Stack Boat Storage

dry-stack-wickensDry Stack Boat Storage is widely acclaimed for its significant advantages and cost effectiveness over traditional berthing or mooring techniques. This type of storage benefits boat owners in many ways:

– Improves fuel economy due to a cleaner, faster and more efficient hull;
– Maximises the value of a boat with brokers.Boat-rack-wickens

– Reduced anode wear;
– Offers easier access to boats for repairs of shafts, props     or outboards;
– Reduced wear and tear on hulls, which results in                significantly lower maintenance and repair costs;
– Drives and outboard engines are less exposed to salt        water damage, as the boat is stored ashore;
– If covered, boats are also protected from ultraviolet light, rain and other weather related                damage.

HELPS TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT: dry stack boat storage and a fork lift truck
You will be helping to protect the local marine environment, as boats stored in a Dry Stack System:
– Will accumulate less oily water in          their bilges;
– Will not require toxic, polluting anti-     foul paint.

Dry Stack storage will increase peace of mind because of the unbeatable safety and security ashore:
– No concerns about boats sinking, slipping mooring lines, or being damaged in strong wind            conditions;
– Boats will be locked up, thus, much more difficult to steal. At the same time, there will be a            quick and convenient access to water;
– Boats will perform better on the water as they will be free of barnacles, weeds and anti-foul          paint. This guarantees a smoother ride and improved fuel economy.