Yamazaki Mazak UK – Tool Racking

Products Used: Heavy Duty Racking.

Organised storage is vital for Yamazaki Mazak UK as their manufacturing process requires a constant supply of parts. This relies on materials being easily accessible as necessary. Wickens designed a complete storage solution providing organised storage and an efficient use of space.

The best solution for your needs

We competed with several other proposals which, in hdrcontrast to our solution, recommended using standard pallet racking. Although a more costly solution we felt they needed a more robust and durable solution. Our heavy duty tool racking better suited their requirements and as Rob Harvey (Mazak’s machinery supervisor) comments “it is a great improvement – we have so much more space now”heavy-duty-racking

Flexible Racking

With space at a premium they needed a flexible racking system which could be adapted to store the various component sizes as they were needed. Vertically adjustable racking levels meant that the racking no longer had to be dedicated to one product type. It had the flexibility in design to maximise the available space.

Smooth installation

Our installation team worked with Mazak to coordinate successive rack installation and loading to create the additional space needed. This required good cooperation on site and critical timing in manufacture andtool storage projects button delivery. The storage is now much more organised and part identity and stock levels can be more efficiently managed.
All projects button“It is a great improvement – we have so much more space now”