Wickens Encourages Greener Manufacturing

Wickens Engineering is setting an example to other businesses by promoting a more sustainable business practice and installing 600 solar panels, covering a thousand square meters of the company headquarters’ roof.

The energy generated by the solar panels, which can total up to 150 kW on a bright sunny day, is now used to power factory machines and run the office lighting.

The system installed at Wickens is connected to Solar panels installed on the roof of Wickens Engineeringthe conventional electricity grid, allowing all of the energy unused after the factory closes to be fed to the grid and passed on to other users.

The clean, renewable energy from the solar panels reduces carbon emissions and is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of generating energy.

Steve Wickens, Managing Director of Wickens Engineering, says “With guaranteed savings for 20 years and helping the environment at the same time, it was an easy decision to invest in this scheme as part of our overall growth plans”