Viking Auto Dismantlers – Car Storage Rack

three storage level car racking

Viking Auto Dismantlers are specialist dealers in Vauxhall, Rover and MG car parts. They contacted Wickens as they needed a way of storing the many cars they keep in their Birmingham yard. Wickens provided them with a cantilever rack designed specifically to hold cars

Designed specifically for cars

Wickens supplied Viking with a car storage rack which is designed specifically for dismantlers and scrap yards storing cars. Karl Grindrod of Viking commented that “The racking looks very tidy and professional. We put them up in no time and were so car-storage-rackingimpressed we bought some more. We would certainly use Wickens again in the future.”

“Cheaper than all the rest”

Karl went on to say: “We got quotes from several different places but we liked the fact that Wickens were local. They were very responsive and gave us a quick price. Plus they were cheaper than all the rest.”

Space saving

The cars were previously stored on the floor where they took up lots of space. “We only have limited space and it car-storage-wickenshas made a big difference to us,” comments Karl. “Now we can store them much higher. The racking is definitely a space saver – we now have 25% more space in our yard”

Protecting from damage

Although they deal in scrap cars, Viking need to keep the car parts in good condition to make the most out of sales of spares and repairs. Storing them off of the floor not only maximises space but also protects them from damage.

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