Rack Clad Buildings

Rack Clad Buildings are constructed with Cantilever Racking or Heavy Duty Racking, which form the integral structure of the building that is then completed with cladding, doors, roof and rainwater goods.

  • Protects stock from the elements whilst maximising use of the available space
  • Secure storage system
  • Fully modular system that could be extended with additional racking and roofing in future
  • Can show a considerable saving against a traditionally constructed building with racking purchased separately
  • Purpose-built structural foundations are not always required. However, a suitable and level concrete floor must be able to withstand the structure, stock and plant weight
  • Shorter supply and installation time in comparison to a building, constructed in a standard way
  • Cantilever Racking or Heavy Duty Racking form the structure of the building
  • Options of single or multi-pitched apex roof system with rainwater goods
  • Box profile roof sheets from 0.7mm thick plastisol are used with GRP roof lights
  • Optional roller shutter doors and pedestrian fire doors
  • Standard Goosewing Gray finish to cladding and roof canopy with other colour options available on request
  • Aisles up to 8 metres wide
  • Every project is bespoke and designed to suit the product and the yard layout
Rack clad building - areal view
completed rack clad building with cantilever racking. View from the inside of the building

Most of the Rack Clad Building projects will require at least one site visit prior to designing and manufacturing the structure. However, here is the very basic information we require in order to provide a budget quote:

Racking specification – Alongside with product dimensions and volume. See the Cantilever Racking and Heavy Duty Racking pages for more information on specifying racks for a quotation.

  • Yard information – Incl. space available, dimensions, concrete floor condition and slope information, site access
  • Forklift truck information – Incl. aisle width requirements, maximum lift, bedspace height (for side loaders)
  • Rack Clad Building Requirements – If known, provide the following information: Number of aisles and roof apexes, roller shutter door and pedestrian fire door requirements – see the drawings below
HDR RCB Layouts
Tool racking inside rack clad building
Rack Clad Building Projects
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