Timber Storage Racks – Silva Timber

timber warehouse: aisle with racks full of timber packs on both sides

Racking Type: Cantilever Racking.

Storage of: Timber.

Client: Silva Timber, one of the UK’s leading importers of speciality timber products.


How it all started: Silva Timber were moving to new premises and asked Wickens for an advice on maximizing the storage capacity of their new warehouses. Wickens proposed an Double sided cantilever racks loaded with timberefficient racking layout and recommended a fork lift truck solution for the application.


Fact & Figures:

  • Over 40 tonnes of steel were required to manufacture all racking.
  • A mixture of single sided and double sided cantilever racks were supplied totimber packs on cantilever rackingmaximise  use of available space.
  • A total of 102 uprights, 6 metres tall, were manufactured and installed, forming runs of up to 21 metres long.
  • Overall storage capacity of all racks is 408 tonnes spread across 5 storage levels.
  • Wickens organised phased deliveries and installation to minimise disruption in their warehouse operations.

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